05 Oct 2012 by Paperlit

Sprea Editori builds 29 Windows 8 Apps with Paperlit


Sprea Editori, one of Italy's most important magazine publishers for high interest magazines, has decided to launch 29 of their publications for the Windows 8 launch with Paperlit.

Sprea was one of Paperlit's first customers for iOS and since then has taken advantage of the multi-platform offering, first with iOS, then with Android and Facebook and now with Windows 8.

The director of sales of Paperlit, Jonathan Brownstein, had this to say about the Windows 8 launch and Sprea, "3 years ago, when I met with publishers and proposed our solution, I would talk at length about how important choosing a vendor with a multi-platform strategy was. For certain potential clients, that sales pitch was often difficult or just not tangible enough. Now a publisher like Sprea that has over 25 publications on our platform, can really see the advantage of having chosen one vendor with one simple back office to manage all of its digital sales outlets"


Stefano Spagnolo, Vice President of Sprea,  had this to say about the Windows 8 launch and opportunity:

"The launch of Windows 8 for companies like Sprea Editori is a new opportunity to meet the challenges of the digital market, after our recent success on iPad and iPhone, thanks to the partnership with Paperlit.

In fact,  29 Sprea publications will be available on Windows 8 for the worldwide launch.

The Apps will let consumers buy single purchase and subscriptions on Windows 8 to successful publications such as BBC History, BBC Science, Il Fotografo, Digital Camera Magazine, App Journal,The Games Machine, Total Film and many more.

Participating in the expansion of the digital market is fundamental for Sprea Editori in order to continue to be a leader in the world of content creation in Italy"

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