15 May 2012 by Paperlit

Champions on the Field, Champions in the Cloud


When I was a kid, I used to love my Wheaties cereal and milk while I read about the hero of the moment on the bright orange cereal box.

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Mark Spitz; they were all there and all you had to do to become one of them was to eat Wheaties in the morning.

I did play ice hockey in high school and I am an average golfer so maybe some of that athletecism is due to my dedication to my morning ritual.

If Paperlit were going to change business anytime soon and enter into the cereal business, we would have some good content to choose from.

This past Sunday, down 2 to 1 with 5 minutes left to play, Manchester City, in the most spectacular and unbelievable ending to a Premier League season,  beat QPR, scoring twice, to come from 8 points behind in the standings to oust Manchester Unitied.



Real Madrid and Juventus won their respective leagues as well.

Not only are all these 3 teams champions of their respective leagues, but they all have chosen Paperlit to support them in their digital content projects.



We are of course proud of our number 1 champion teams and we also wanted to invite other teams to join the band.




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