10 May 2011 by Paperlit

The common mobile payment system "mPayment" will be integrated in Paperlit's platform in the Italian market.

The mobile telephone operators in Italy (Vodafone, TIM, Wind, Tre Italia, Poste Mobile, Fastweb) have agreed to use a single mobile payment platform for digital content acquisition. This opens up the market of the 46 million sim cards in Italy.
The platform will be developed by Paperlit's integration partner Engineering, and Reply.
The platform will manage single-sign on mobile phone credit payments for purchases to premium content on all digital devices (mobile, tablet, pc, etc).


In addition to Paperlit and Microsoft Italia, several publishers such as RCS, Sole 24 ore, Caltagirone, Mondadori, Monrif, La Stampa and Unione Sarda have all announced they will use the m-commerce platform.


The platform will be ready for launch for the beginning of June.
So, good news from Italy for content owners, who now have a simple and effective sales tool for one click, or better, 1 sms payment for direct sales of their content and services in the Bel Paese.

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