28 Apr 2016 by Krista McLandress

30+ must-use app marketing tools for digital publishing success

If publishing your magazine or print publications to mobile is new territory then you're in luck. In this post we've compiled some of the best tools for non-app marketers to excel in app publishing. Here are over 30 resources and tools to refer to when you need to promote your app, increase your organic app store traffic or drive more downloads (from quality users!). Happy reading!

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20 Apr 2016 by Krista McLandress

What is a digital reflow?

When it comes to publishing and distributing your magazine with a mobile app, there are a few different ways to format your digital magazine. Traditionally, publishers have published digital replicas - a simple PDF version of their magazine - which for many circumstances gets the job done.

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15 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

3 types of digital magazines publishers can create to boost revenues

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way people consume digital media. Mobile devices are always by our side, with information and entertainment just a tap away. According to ComScore data, mobile accounts for 62% of time spent consuming digital media, with mobile apps representing more than half of that time.

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01 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

6 ways to promote a magazine app

Publishers create magazine apps to sell digital issues on the app stores, but simply publishing an app isn't enough to launch a successful mobile distribution strategy. To reap the full benefits of a magazine app, publishers need to develop a promotional strategy that drives traffic to the app stores and gets people to install the app on their mobile device.

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01 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

Is Paperlit a viable alternative to Adobe DPS?

  Update: 21/09/2017  Since the day Adobe removed DPS from trade, a lot of publishers have started looking for valid alternatives. One of the major concerns was to have to throw away all the content in .folio format which had been produced till that moment. 

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24 Feb 2016 by Krista McLandress

Adding image galleries to your digital replica

Publishers can distribute and monetize publication with mobile apps, but they can also use this opportunity to bring print content to life. Digital replicas are often thought of as just the digital versions of a printed issues, however publishers can add multimedia elements like video and image galleries, as well as web links and HTML, to enhance the user experience and increase reader engagement.

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01 Feb 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 types of videos to add to your digital magazine

It's no secret that online video consumption is off the charts. Video accounts for more than 50% of mobile traffic and is expected to reach almost 80% by 2019!

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23 Dec 2015 by Krista McLandress

5 benefits that will help you get approval for your magazine app

Digital publishing has disrupted the traditional publishing industry, and magazine publishers are looking to use new technology to reduce costs and increase margins associated with producing and distributing publications. Magazine apps support both the sales of digital edition and distribution of content via feeds, making them a winning solution for meeting the changing demands of digital ...

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09 Dec 2015 by Krista McLandress

3 ways publishers can make money with digital magazines

It's the question asked by publishers no matter their size, "Can I really monetize digital magazines?" The short answer is yes - but it depends on the digital publishing revenue model you choose.

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