03 Nov 2016 by Krista McLandress

Using Facebook advertising to promote your digital magazine

With over 1.65 billion monthly active users and over 50% accessing the service on mobile only, Facebook has quickly become the channel for discovering news and consuming content. As such, Facebook is keen to help publishers distribute content and publishers are quick to use Facebook Advertising to grow their mobile audience.

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19 Oct 2016 by Krista McLandress

How to grow your app audience by boosting app discovery

App Store: 2 million apps. Google Play: 2.2 million apps. Let those numbers sink in. Now ask yourself: What can a single publisher to do stand out from the crowd?

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04 Oct 2016 by Krista McLandress

Publishers: Combat ad blocking with native advertising

Ad blocking is a hot topic with advertisers and publishers. And rightly so. Readers are visible turned off by display ads. You only need to look at the increased usage of ad blocking software to understand that readers are sick and tired of ads that ruin their experience online and annoy them with tracking software.

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02 Aug 2016 by Krista McLandress

Avoiding app store commissions with a subscription website

There is no denying that digital publishing offers huge savings when it comes to printing and distribution costs. However, it has also ushered in a dependence on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store to sell digital edition subscriptions.

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22 Jun 2016 by Krista McLandress

3 reasons your digital edition needs to employ a search feature

It's no secret that search has revolutionized the way we access information - you only have to look at Google to understand the importance it has to publishers and consumers. In fact, search is everywhere. Publishers websites use search to allow visitors to quickly sort through endless archives of articles and commerce website use search to help visitors sort through products. So what about ...

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16 Jun 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 ways publishers can take advantage of summer marketing trends

When the temperatures rise, many of us take time out to relax as a way to reward ourselves for all the hard work we've put in over the year and that often involves catching up on news and entertainment via our mobile devices. Summer is a great time for publishers to reach out to consumers and forge relationships by leveraging some of the season's key marketing trends.

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25 May 2016 by Krista McLandress

HOW-TO: 3 steps to crafting the perfect push notification campaign

Push notification campaigns are a staple for engaging mobile app users and increasing app usage. With a short message publishers break important news, alert users about a new issue that is on newsstands, or even promote a new subscription offer, all in an attempt to get users back into the app. But how can you be sure that the message isn't falling on blind eyes?

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19 May 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 push notification campaigns to help you sell more digital magazine subscriptions

As any app marketer will tell you, push notifications are key to any app marketing strategy. Automating push notification campaigns can help you on-board new users, nurture in-app purchases and foster loyalty among subscribers. However, getting started can daunting for publishers that are new to mobile app marketing.

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05 May 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 reasons to add a news feed to your newsstand app

Here at Paperlit, we've just launched Paperlit Live - a brand new feature that allows publishers to add a live news feed to their newsstand app. Now anyone that is distributing publications, like magazines, catalogues, sales collateral or marketing guides with a branded newsstand app can also share content from their website, blog or exclusive RSS feed.

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13 Apr 2016 by Guest Post

How publishers should manage app user complaints

In our last post we wrote about how to improve your app rating, which got us thinking more about what publishers can do if they do receive negative feedback.  To give publishers some insight on managing app user complaints and ratings, we decided to share a post from our friends at Tapdaq that originally appeared on our sister site, AppsBuilder. While the examples in this post come from the ...

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