30 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

[Infographic] 7 ways to increase app ratings and reviews

App ratings and reviews can make or break the success of your magazine app on the stores. Having a highly rated app will help you rise in rankings and stand out from your competitors, while the opinions expressed in reviews play an important role in converting app store visitors.

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23 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 ways to sell digital magazine subscriptions

Digital magazines - whether on the web or mobile - are growing in popularity with both readers and publishers. This year digital is set to account for 11% of total circulation revenue, giving many publishers the positive sign they need to put more resources behind their digital offerings. Meanwhile, some publications are ceasing print production entirely, moving quickly towards a  digital-only ...

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17 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

Driving downloads with mobile app install ads

Any app publisher will tell you that paid acquisition campaigns can be a great way to promote your app, drive more traffic to your store and scale your growth. App install ads have evolved in the past couple years, with many of the major social and search channels offering ad products for app publishers. According to eMarketer, app install ads constitute between 30 and 50 percent of the mobile ...

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08 Mar 2016 by Guest Post

How YouTube can boost mobile user acquisition

By 2018, it has been predicted that two-thirds of the global traffic will be video content and Youtube is playing a huge role in video content growth. There are currently over 1 billion users on YouTube who watch over 6 billion videos monthly and what’s even more impressive is that the total number of hours watched is growing 50% year over year.

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01 Mar 2016 by Krista McLandress

6 ways to promote a magazine app

Publishers create magazine apps to sell digital issues on the app stores, but simply publishing an app isn't enough to launch a successful mobile distribution strategy. To reap the full benefits of a magazine app, publishers need to develop a promotional strategy that drives traffic to the app stores and gets people to install the app on their mobile device.

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18 Feb 2016 by Guest Post

How much should you pay for mobile user acquisition?

When it comes to performance user acquisition campaigns on mobile, how much should you pay? The question above, as straightforward as it might be, has no simple answer. Many factors can indeed influence  or even determine whether a performance-based user acquisition campaign will be successful.

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10 Feb 2016 by Krista McLandress

Google Play promo codes simplify publisher coupon campaigns

Earlier this month Google announced the launch of in-app promotions, letting app publishers set up coupon code campaigns directly from the Google Play Developer's Console. While Apple has offered promo codes for paid apps for awhile, Google is the first to support promo codes for in-app purchases. This is great news for magazine app publishers since the promo codes can be used to give single ...

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03 Feb 2016 by Guest Post

5 user retention calculations digital publishers need to know

Retention is one of the most important components of the user lifecycle, and should hold a central spot in any mobile marketer’s dashboard. On top of providing an invaluable indication of the quality of an app, retention metrics have a direct impact on the calculation of customer lifetime value (LTV) for freemium apps.

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28 Jan 2016 by Guest Post

Is lifetime value essential to understanding mobile app success?

Although the concept of customer lifetime value (LTV) for mobile users has gained a lot of attention in the past couple of years, there is still a lot of confusion around LTV’s definition and how it should be used for mobile campaigns. Let’s try and debunk the myths, set expectations straight and see how LTV can be effectively leveraged for mobile advertising.

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25 Jan 2016 by Krista McLandress

The app analytic metrics every digital magazine publisher needs to know

One the major benefits digital publishing has over print is the ability to track the performance of your digital edition in real time.  Digital publishers can collect app analytic metrics from the app stores and analytics from providers like Google Analytics or Flurry to track digital magazine performance and identify benchmarks to define success.

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