03 May 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Paperlit and Forbes: a successful partnership

So far 2018 has been a year of great excitement for Paperlit as new adventures are braved and new challenges are conquered but our biggest adventure of the new year is about to be announced. Paperlit has embarked on a new partnership with the notorious media leader, Forbes. 

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18 Apr 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Paperlit now integrates with Tumult Hype

For quite some time, Paperlit has been cementing its place as a top digital publishing platform by integrating a whole host of new features that aim to improve the overall user experience. The latest addition to this family is the Tumult Hype service, so let’s find out a little more.

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01 Sep 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Where do people get their news nowadays?

For the past few decades, television has been the undisputed leading source of news. In recent years though, a new medium for sourcing news has started to catch up and even surpass television - the Internet.

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23 Jun 2014 by Paperlit

Sunday World releases its hybrid app

Paperlit just launched The Sunday World app for iOS and Android. The Sunday World is an Irish newspaper, the second largest selling "popular" newspaper in the Republic of Ireland.

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