18 May 2012 by Paperlit

Touring Club Italiano partners with National Geographic and goes mobile


Every now and then it is a good exercise to try and create some distance or get some perspective on what you are doing in your life.  This morning, while I was doing my research on our newest publishing partner, the non profit organization , Touring Club of Italy, I had one of those moments.

Touring Club was founded more than 100 years ago by 57 cyclists who wanted to promote tourism, culture and exploration of Italy, with a special consideration to internal or hidden treasures on the Peninsula.

The founding fathers' mission and vision is incredibly valid today and the spirit of Touring Club has never veered from its path of sharing, interaction between different cultures, adventure and exploration.

We at Paperlit run a digital platform and help many publishers do their business in this new and exciting world.

I would like to say, while all our partners are important to us, it brings us great pleasure to announce the entry of Touring Clubs' new magazine in collaboration with National Geographic and to know that we in some small way are helping spread their message and values, which today are more important than ever.

Touring is available for iPhone, iPad and Android and is for free at the moment.



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