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Tribuna do Norte in Brazil launches daily edition with Paperlit

Tribuna di Norte, Natal's major daily newspaper has chosen to go digital with Paperlit . The daily paper has chosen to go live with their digital edition on iOS and Android with both PDF and interactive versions.

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Marco Atzori, head of operations, had this to say about the project, " We are always happy when we win a new customer but the fact that this is our first customer in Brazil and our first newspaper client trying out a combination of PDF and the Paperlit interactive format on both iOS and Android is fantastic. As the digital environment becomes more competitive, publishers will need to satisfy different needs, so even a daily paper can create interactive versions for special occasions or for advertising opportunities, for example. Our platform lets a publisher choose to go PDF and or interactive within the same app"

"The Tribuna do Norte project was done with our partner in Natal, Firenzze Comunicação ". Jonathan Brownstein, director of sales, adds. "In a market where digital publishing suppliers become more and more numerous, trusted partners and experts in the digital field will play an even more important role in our sales process as they can help publishers define the strategy, work flow and revenue models. With our Paperlit 360 product, that gives a publisher the marketing and technical tools to better manage this ever increasingly complex environment, a trusted partner is insurance to get the product and business model right".

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Firenzze's director, Paulo Moreira added , "the future is mobile and Brazil could not stay out of this movement. Here, interactive editions for newspapers are emerging in the market as a way to increase audience. For a long time Brazilian publishers did not have a lot of options for digital publishing platforms to create apps. What we used to have was either very expensive for daily newspapers or it was poor quality.  The partnership with Paperlit allowed us to bring to Brazil an excellent and affordable system to daily newspapers, with no download costs  and the possibility to have interactive editions with the .folio or HTML5 formats for all platforms, including Windows 8.
Agnelo Alves Filho, financial director of Tribuna do Norte, was surprised with the easy to use back office tools, the flexibility and the possibility to do all the things quoted above at a low cost. "We were trying to enter in this market, but we couldn´t find a system that would allow us to do this with quality and fair price. Firenzze presented us Paperlit and we trusted them immediately. Now, we are planning the next steps guided by Firenzze's director, Paulo Moreira's who continously gives us important advice.  It was important to have an experienced partner who not only sold us the tools, but monitored the entire process and guided us in our needs ".

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