04 Sep 2012 by Paperlit

Turkuvaz beefs up its offering with Paperlit

Turkuvaz Media Group has beefed up its offering with Paperlit. After launching Sabah 2 years ago on iPad with Paperlit, the Turkish publisher has now launched their principle magazines in a digital kiosk.



The new app contains 5 of the most popular magazines in the Turkish market. The titles are, Auto Motor Sport, Esquire, Bazaar, Forbes and Sofra. Publications are available for single purchase, subscription and single sign on is available for subscribers of physical magazines.


The Turkuvaz evolution is a typical path of our publishing partners who often start with 1 publication and one platform and then evolve into a more multi-platform and multi-publication approach.

In Turkuvaz's case, they started with iOS, then took their leading publication to Facebook and now have expanded their offering 5 fold. So far the project has been extremely successful.


Turkuvaz is the leading daily newspaper in the Turkish Apple store in terms of sales and was the first publisher to bring their daily onto Facebook with a social reader.


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