27 Sep 2012 by Paperlit

Windows 8 and Paperlit: 50+ Apps ready for launch.

Yesterday we recieved an email from a Facebook Social Reader user. In short, he explained that he discovered a cool digital photography magazine and he wanted to know if there was a paper version of this product:0).

I can officially say we have come full circle in the evolution of the consumer from paper to digital and now from digital to paper:0)!

Last night my son told me he was old fashioned and although he reads a lot of comics online, he prefers with absolutely no comparison, a brand new comic book, which he can read and store on his bookshelf.

Consumers are funny creatures and their habits and trends are hard to predict and the more options you give them, the more they will take and vary in taste and ways of interacting.

Windows 8 is an interesting addition to this puzzle and the folks in Redmond have been thinking long and hard about touch screens and mice and how to best meet the needs of the mobile consumer.


In fact,  Windows 8 has been designed for fingers and mice, so with one fell swoop, a Windows 8 upgrade covers Tablets and PCs.

For our publishing partners, not to mention the gaming industry, this is revolutionary, If before Windows 8 we were enabling publishers to reach an interesting but relatively small tablet market, with the introduction of the new operating system, we are talking about instant global reach to PCs and tablets.


For this reason Paperlit started working on Windows 8 more than 6 months ago and released its first Windows 8 apps for Wired and La Repubblica for the June consumer preview.

Windows 8 will launch on October 26th and Paperlit has supported more than 50 publications to go live for that date.



In addition to the new distribution opportunity, Windows 8 has an easy to use design with some cool features for publishers such as 3-d like page flipping.

Who knows, maybe we will start getting emails from remote places in the world, asking us to print the Newspapers they found on Windows 8 and perhaps a branded bookshelf as well;0).



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