31 Jan 2013 by Paperlit

Yeni Şafak goes live with Paperlit in Turkey

Yeni Şafak, the Turkish publisher of the Albayrak group has gone live today on iOS. The paper, founded in 1994 and with a circulation of 100,000 copies per day,  is based in Istanbul and is a national paper, covering general news, sports and entertainment. Yeni Şafak is Paperlit's second client in Turkey after the daily from the Turkuvaz group, Sabah.


Once again Paperlit renews it commitment and capability of supporting daily papers in addition to magazines and other content for mobile distirbution.

The founder of Paperlit, Gionata Mettifogo, explains  in more detail. "Our first client on the Paperlit platform was a daily paper in Italy in 2008. Since then, we have enabled many other daily papers all over the world. Our first experience with meeting the challenges of supporting a daily paper and their needs to publish early in the morning, has given us the confidence and tool sets to manage clients form all over the world. Our partnership with Yeni Safak is another example of the Paperlit commitment to helping daily papers from all over the globe go digital."



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